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On Writing Well

The new book on my bookshelf, On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Helps clear up the head a lot in terms of writing.

Main thoughts:
No clutter - just minimal amount of words for what you want to sayRewriting/editorial is not only normal but essential (example with the real manuscript edits is golden)You are writing for yourself in the first placeWrite for people, with people In detail:
Verbs - active, precise, colorfulNo redundant adverbs or adjectivesContractions are totally fine (I thought not!)He/she is the real problem: use plurals ('they', 'we') or change wording to address What struck me: just "friends" vs "work friends" + "close friends" (no distinction sounds a lot better!)
See a lot in common with writing good code - say only what you want to say, no more, no less.