Updating Perforce revision information when copying files to another PC

Recently, had a task to sync with Perforce branch that had enormous amount of data (10 Gb).
As soon as there was not only me but my colleagues as well required to download this branch, the simplest way of "Get Latest Revision" would require a lot of time. So what are we got to do?

The solution turned out to be very simple:
1) Download branch only once
2) Copy contents of the branch to any other PC
3) Issue p4 flush command in command prompt

As soon as (1) and (2) are pretty easy to do, the hardest part was to issue the correct p4 flush command.

To help others, here it is:
> p4 -p tcp:<host>:<port> -c <workspace> -p <password> flush //depot/<path>/...@<revision>

You can add "-n" in the end to not doing anything but just testing your command first.

Have fun!


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