Visual Studio Code: Fixing Python Intellisense

Today my colleague, Dmitry Efremov, got an issue after installing the latest VSCode and Python extension - intellisense plainly stopped working for all packages except few very basic.
After enabling logging for the extension ("python.devOptions": ["DEBUG"] in user settings), it turned out that jedi, tool used for intellisense, fails with the next message in the output:
stderr jediProxy
Error (stderr) Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 313, in watch
  File "", line 294, in _process_request
  script.goto_assignments(), request['id']))
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/api/", line 382, in goto_assignments
  results = self._goto()
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/api/", line 438, in _goto
  definitions = self._evaluator.goto(name)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 354, in goto
  modules = imports.ImportWrapper(self, name).follow(is_goto=True)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 41, in wrapper
  rv = function(obj, args, *kwargs)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 94, in follow
  types = importer.follow()
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 41, in wrapper
  rv = function(obj, args, *kwargs)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 252, in follow
  return self._do_import(self.import_path, self.sys_path_with_modifications())
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 281, in _do_import
  bases = self._do_import(import_path[:-1], sys_path)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 347, in _do_import
  module = _load_module(self._evaluator, module_path, source, sys_path)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/evaluate/", line 449, in _load_module
  cached = cache.load_parser(path)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/", line 210, in load_parser
  return ParserPickling.load_parser(path, p_time)
  File "/home/dmitry/.vscode/extensions/donjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/", line 267, in load_parser
  parser_cache_item = pickle.load(f)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ParserWithRecovery'

After modifying onjayamanne.python-0.3.17/pythonFiles/jedi/ to print some debug info, it turned out that the problem was in the cache which the newer version of extension or jedi did not properly clean up.
So the solution turned out to be to clear the cache:
rm -rf ~/.cache


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